An Ode to Parliament: On Dual Citizens

Oh how we long for the good old days
When political citizenships were less of a maze
Brits were Australians and Australians were Brits
And life for parliamentarians wasn’t the pits

But alas then we brought in the dreaded section 44
We weren’t to know if it’d make our Parliament rich or poor
116 years and it barely arose
7 dual nationals later and it’s led to this prose

Whether it’s Ludlam, Xenophon, or Barnaby Joyce
It’s abundantly clear that we have no choice
Let’s turf the lot of them, start all over,
And rejoice in our favourite dual citizen: the mighty pavlova

For all is not lost if they’re all secret Kiwis,
We can declare Lee Lin Chin our saviour; our Jesus
A dictatorship might give us an authoritative master
But it’s got to be better than this citizenship disaster.


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