About This Website

This website is run by Liam Elphick, a Lecturer at the University of Western Australia Law School. In Obiter welcomes submissions by other authors.

This website began as a way to share thoughts on key legal and legal education developments, in the hope that this kick-starts greater discussions over the role of torts law, privacy law, free speech, anti-discrimination obligations, social justice and higher education in a rapidly-developing twenty-first century world. At a time when law changes at an increasingly quick pace and political and legal apathy is high, the use of more concise and humorous writing to discuss important legal issues is a key tool in capturing public attention.

NB: None of the views on this website necessarily reflect the views of the UWA Law School or any other organisation to which any authors are associated with. This blog is intended only to share views on legal issues and legal education, and is often light-hearted and offered as merely a tool to start discussion. Nothing on this blog is, or should be taken to be, legal advice. Each author is responsible, alone, for their own views.